Do you want to surprise your guests with lovingly prepared, fresh meals and you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen? The catering of restaurant Addis Ababa brings the culinary experience of Ethiopian cuisine on any desired location in and around Amsterdam.

catering Addis Ababa

Events for catering

You can contact the catering of Addis Ababa for the following events:

  • informal dinners
  • socials parties
  • weddings
  • receptions
  • birthday parties
  • student nights
  • business meetings such as all-inclusive meetings.

Options of catering

You can get delivered as catering:

  • hot meals
  • salads
  • lunches
  • breakfasts
  • buffets
  • African hot and cold drinks.

Please feel free to contact us for catering.

Phone: 020 – 618 44 72
Mob.: 06 – 40 72 52 28