Wondem Foundation provides assistance to the poor children in Ethiopia.

Wondem Foundation

Wondem Foundation

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Restaurant Addis Ababa supports Wondem Foundation. If you book a reservation via the page Reserve of this website, we will donate one euro per reservation to the Wondem Foundation (code Wondem).

The money will be used to build schools and libraries in Ethiopia, and buy books, chairs and tables so that more children can go to school.

In addition, Wondem Foundation is committed to teach children the importance of personal hygiene to avoid preventable diseases.

Tefera and Etetu Zerfu founded Wondem Foundation in 2010 in memory of their son Wondem, who died at the age of 12. It was his dream to give the poor children in Ethiopia a better future.

Visit the website of Wondem Foundation for more information: www.wondemfoundation.org